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The classification of motorcycles is based on their type of application, and motorcycles are classified in each application based on engine volumes..

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The 125cc Honda engine is the most commonly used brand in Iran. Except for Honda CdI-125, today new motorcycles are used in Iran

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Motorcycle, also called the engine, is a two-or three-wheel drive vehicle..

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Usually, it’s easier to get and maintain motorcycles because of the cheapness of the car. Getting a driver’s license is usually easier than having a car license

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The first motorcycle in Stuttgart was designed and built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885.

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Electric motorcycles; Vehicles of the future
Devices designed to reduce pollution
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What is motorcycle?

A motorcycle is a two-wheeler powered by a propulsion drive engine as a cheap and widely used vehicle in many parts of the world. Perhaps it can be called a two-cycle that has only been developed in motion mechanics. The first idea of constructing a two-wheel motor vehicle, and perhaps the first motorcycle, was put into practice in 1885 by two German-made engineers Gatlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Miebach in the city of Bad Köntsat (a town that was part of Stuttgart since 1905)

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